Let It Begin Here

Boston Tea Party Museum

In 2012, Artistry In Motion was proud to collaborate with LionHeart FilmWorks on this educational short film about the battle of Lexington Green in 1775, the “Shot Heard ‘Round The World,” which kickstarted the Revolutionary War.

AIM had many hands on deck for this shoot in a variety of departments. Check out the 6:55 mark in the Behind-the-Scenes video to hear AIM founder Jeremiah D. Hornbaker discuss the work on the film.

Anne’s Room

Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles

AIM provided art direction services for the Museum of Tolerance’s museum exhibit short film Anne’s Room, helping to document the life of Anne Frank.

Legends and Lies

FOX News

For the FOX News program Legends & Lies: Into the Real West, production design was conducted by Artistry In Motion, as was the provision and handling of the show’s period-correct firearms and props. AIM founder Jeremiah D. Hornbaker is seen here showing the company’s inventory provided for the shoot.

Rushing Revolutionaries

Google, Android

Art design and set decoration services were provided by Artistry In Motion in this commercial for Android Pay made by Google.

Matchlock Musket: The Granddaddy of All Guns

The Discovery Channel

Artistry In Motion provided a fully functional reproduction matchlock musket for the Discovery Channel‘s special, How We Invented Guns, which was operated and presented by AIM founder Jeremiah D. Hornbaker.

Time Machine Guitar

Arvold Productions

Art department services and prop assistance on the children’s program Time Machine Guitar were provided by Artistry In Motion.